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Are you interested in presenting at TLC Asia?

Call for Paper is now open! Deadline for submissions is 21 June 2019. If your paper is accepted, you will be informed by 26th June.

Presenting at TLC Asia 2019 is a chance for you to have a voice amongst your peers. Whether you’re experienced or brand new to presenting, planning to share challenges from the past or opportunities for the future, joining us from Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong or anywhere in Asia, we want to hear what you have to say.

We invite presentations from users of all our Teaching & Learning solutions, including Learn, Collaborate and Open LMS, to submit abstracts and attend the event. We hope to bring together pedagogically great ideas behind teaching and learning technologies where the community can learn from the ways other institutions have implemented their strategies, whichever the platform.

This year, we are looking for presentations that fit within these five core challenges:

1. Accessibility and Inclusivity
Creating inclusive learning experiences for all students is key to improving the student experience by helping them take clear control of course content with usability, accessibility and quality in mind.

2. Educational Integrity
Institutions are striving to maintain high academic standards, rigor, and brand reputation as well as promoting academic honour. As online programs, multi-institution students and credentialing become common, institutions must focus more energy on accreditation and brand reputation.

3. Educator Empowerment
As online program and larger class sizes proliferate, institutions struggle to maintain quality and consistency of their instruction Enabling consistency, quality, and creativity in instruction is key.

4. Student Success
As performance-based funding, competition and student expectations increase, institutions need to show their value by defining and measuring the academic and career outcomes they provide to students.

5. Student Retention
Understanding and satisfying student needs – As non-traditional students, competition and performance-based funding grow, institutions must better understand and satisfy student needs.

Guidelines for Presentations

  • The content of submissions should relate to the use of any of Blackboard’s Teaching and Learning technologies to solve challenges on and off campus.
  • Share your recent innovations from across our full suite of solutions, what’s coming next and how they support your institutions visions and strategies into the future.
  • Sessions will be 40 minutes in length and can be given by one or more speakers/institutions on a topic of interest or case study with time for questions and answers.
  • All presentations must be in  16:9 format.
  • Multiple submission entries may be made for different presentations.

How to submit your abstract

To be selected to present you are required to submit an abstract via the website. All abstracts must be submitted electronically.

Creating an author account and uploading an abstract

Prepare your abstract according to the submission guidelines and click the “Submit Your Paper” button below.

  1. Create an author account with EasyAbstracts
  2. Complete the online submission form
  3. Upload your abstract

You will be requested to complete an online form and upload your abstract as a MS Word .doc or .docx file.

EasyAbstracts will automatically append an ID number to your file name for identification.


How will I know that I have successfully uploaded my abstract?

Submitting an abstract involves two steps. Completion of the submission form and the upload of the abstract. Advice that your submission and file upload have been successful, will appear on your screen as “Your submission was saved successfully” and “The file was successfully uploaded”. You can also check under the “My Submissions” tab where your abstract will appear with an ID number.

If you have questions please email EasyAbstracts.

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